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Free E-Documents & PDF Downloads

Most members may not be aware that by searching the Internet you can find hundreds of free e-books and PDF downloads that cover the subjects of Health, Fitness, Nutrition and training.
Over time i have collected many of these and continue to do so on a regular basis, as an extra service to the members we will now make these available on our free downloads page enabling members to build up there own library to assist with training. These downloads cover all related aspects of Health and fitness and may not be of interest to all but if you know someone that may be interested then please
point them in this direction. All the downloads are free to distribute and can be found in the public domain for anyone prepared to search, we will upload some new ones on a regular basis, with each download will come a link to the original writer or website in case anyone wants to follow up a particular aspect of training.
Occasionally I will also add website addresses so members can download from sites that although allow free downloads of their material they place restrictions in some way, such as you may be
required to sign up for e-mails to receive your free download, this way you can get the PDF files yourself.

An example would be sites such as;

Click on the links below to open & read your Free PDF files online.

If you would prefer to download any of these file to your own computer then do this.

Place your mouse pointer over the file you want. Click the right mouse button, then select

"Save Target As" from the list of options. Then Select Save.

All the files & Documents available on this Website have been Virus scanned.

Ironman Mag

StrongLifts 5x5

Sixty Practical Tips

Shape-up Now

My fitness plan

Recipe Branded

Powerful Pecs

Complete Body Detox

Lean body kick start guide


100 Top Fitness tips

Turbulence Traning 10-Minute Holiday Workouts

Muscle Fitness & Health

Kettlebell Training


Please note that we neither agree nor disagree and neither recommend or don't recommend the information in these downloads, it's up to each individual to read and make up their own minds.
Please read carefully and follow any instructions given on any of the downloads regarding copyright, any information or advice given in any of the downloads is followed by the members at their own risk and
we cannot be held responsible for any injury that occurs or misinformation found in these downloads relating to health, training or fitness, everything is undertaken of your own free will.

If this is the kind of thing that you want on the site then please let me know, also if there is something specific for your training that i may have on PDF file that you would like info about then also let me know and i will place it on the site.

Train Safe,

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