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Full Body circuits

THE 300 WORKOUT by Mark Twight

Quite a few members will no doubt now be aware of or even tried Mark Twight’s 300 workout; this workout has been about since the release of the film of the same name in 2007 and was used to get the cast into the amazing shape that you see in the film, no cgi was used; only hard work in the gym and a calorie restricted diet produced these results.

The 300 workout consists of;

25x Pull-up

50x Deadlift @ 135Lbs

50x Push-up

50x Box Jump @ 24" box

50x Floor Wiper @ 135Lbs (one-count)

50x Kettle bell Clean and Press @ 36Lbs (KB must touch floor between reps)

25x Pull-up

300 reps total

You can have a look at the circuit on YouTube click on the image below.

The diet that worked in conjunction with the 300 workout regime was specifically designed to give the cast enough intakes to only just supply the energy and fuel to allow for recovery after the workouts.

As well as the 300 workouts the cast and stunt crew were also given random physical challenges to keep them on their toes so the cast never knew what was coming next.

The training for this film was in the extreme and took place over 4 months, 5 days a week, 10-12 hours a day in the gym.

The 300 is a good example of full body workouts which are draining both mentally as well as physically and not only are going to add to muscle growth but are also going to give you gains on stamina and aerobic fitness levels and as such i would like to introduce you to some more little gems that run along similar lines to the 300.

The Beowulf Workout

As with the 300 workout this one is a High intensity interval strength workout which from a personal viewpoint is at least as demanding if not more physically draining due to the higher level of cardio and aerobics included.

The physically demanding level of this workout is exacerbated due to the blend of using 4 cardio workouts (2 x 1000 mtr row + 2 x 800 mtr run) combined with 2 bodyweight strength moves (ring dip/regular dip + pull ups) plus an aerobic speed/power exercise with the jumping slamball, the original aim of this workout was to do it to the stopwatch to get a time but it can be just a case of completion of the Beowulf workout that will give enough satisfaction.

The dips, pull-ups and jumping slamball should be partitioned, this keeps the intensity metabolically higher helps you get through the workout quicker and will improve conditioning, so the workout would look like this;

Row 1,000 Meters on the Concept 2 rower

Run 800 meters

50 Ring Dips or regular dips if no rings available

100 Pull-ups

150 Jumping Slamball

(Completed as 10 sets of 5 dips + 10 pull-ups + 15 jumping slamball)

Run 800 meters

Row 1,000 Meters on the Concept 2 rower

To view how to do the jumping slamball click on image below;

The Beowulf workout above is the simplified version that is not done to the stopwatch, the full version includes a point’s system dependant on exact completion of each rep to give you a time and ranking, this is a link for anyone wanting to try the point system.The Beowulf Workout

The Men’s Fitness Fitbrit 2010 Challenge

This is not just a challenge but an excellent workout in itself but if you want to take part in the official challenge you can only take part at a Fitness First gym and this is the only way to record a time that will be recognised by Men’s Fitness magazine.

FitBrit challenge

The challenge itself is a combination of 8 back to back events done to the stopwatch.

The exercises are;

1) Row - Men: 500m Women: 400m

2) Seated shoulder press - Men: 20kg barbell/30 reps Women: 10kg barbell/30 reps

3) Bunny hops - Men: 30 reps Women: 20 reps

4) Bike - Men: 3km Women: 3km

5) Bench press - Men: 20kg bar /30 reps Women: 10kg bar /30 reps

6) Box jumps - Men: 30 reps Women: 20 reps

7) Squat - Men: 20kg barbell/30 reps Women: 10kg barbell/30 reps

8) Run - Men: 1km Women: 800m

The stopwatch starts when you start the first row and there are certain rules that must be adhered to for you to complete the challenge correctly, these are listed below, please make sure that you read and understand them if you are doing this challenge to the stopwatch, personally I find the Fitbrit as an excellent pre training warm up as it lasts 15-20 minutes at a steady pace.

1) Row, Set the Concept 2 rower to level 10. The clock starts when you begin your first stroke.

It doesn't count if... you put the handle down before the meter shows the required distance.

2) Seated shoulder press, Sit on a bench and press the bar from chin height until it is fully extended over your head.

It doesn't count if... you don't use the full range of motion for each rep.

3) Bunny hops, Place your hands on one end of the bench and jump over it from side to side, keeping your feet together.

It doesn't count if... you don't launch and land with both feet together.

4) Bike, set the bike to any resistance. The 'sprint-and-freewheel' style of riding is acceptable.

It doesn't count if... you get off the bike before the meter reads 3km.

5) Bench press, Lie on the bench with your shoulders and head supported and feet on the floor. Start with the bar almost touching your chest and press until it is fully extended above your chest.

It doesn't count if... you don't 
use the full range of motion for 
each rep.

6) Box jumps, Stand astride a Reebok Deck set to full height. Jump with both feet onto the surface of the deck and back down as quickly as you can.

It doesn't count if... your feet don't land on top of the deck (tapping the sides isn't good enough).

7) Squat, Hold the bar across the back of your shoulders and stand in front of the bench. Squat down until your backside touches the bench.

It doesn't count if... you don't squat low enough to touch the bench or go to fully standing afterwards.

8) Run, Get on the treadmill and set it to any speed you can manage. Your time finishes as soon as you reach the required distance.

It doesn't count if... you hold on with your hands at any time.

Remember that the clock starts when you begin the first stroke of the row and ends when the treadmill gets to the required distance (1km/800mtrs)

Just to give you an idea of targets these are the latest top times for male and female entrants in the UK.

2010 Fitbrit Men Top Times

1-00:10:21 Gagandeep Shokar

2-00:10:42 Kyle Blake

3-00:10:51 Sam O'Sullivan

4-00:10:54 Chris Stanton

5-00:11:02 Jack Bolton

2010 Fitbrit Women Top Times

1-00:11:02 Nadine Thomas

2-00:11:03 Claire Steels

3-00:11:16 Ceri Hughes

4-00:11:19 Morag Logan

5-00:11:23 Lianne Robson

Randy Couture’s MMA workout

I’ve added this one in as although it is called an MMA workout please don’t be put off by this, this is actually one of the best full body conditioning workouts out there, short and sweet this an excellent warm up routine or if you’re short on time then it can be utilised as a complete workout as each set should take no longer than 4 minutes in general.

You will find that most of the MMA/Martial arts warm ups and training circuits can be utilised and altered slightly to fit in with a gym workout and you will find that due to the level of fitness required for MMA/Martial arts the workouts and circuits associated with them are some of the best available to anyone wanting to keep fit.

Just a word of warning, pick your starting weight carefully remembering that from the moment that you pick up the bar in this circuit for the first rep you don’t put it down again until the completion of the set, it may be better to start with an empty weight bar just until you get used to the moves and decide on the weight that you can manage to complete the entire circuit. In between sets you have a 60 second rest.

The workout consists of 7 back to back exercises each consisting of 8 reps and 3-6 sets depending on how much you can endure.

This is what the full circuit looks like and which area each exercise works

Bent rows x8 (Back)

Upright rows x8 (Traps and Shoulders)

Military press x8 (Shoulders)

Good morning x8 (Lower back and hamstrings)

Lunges x8 (each leg) (quads, hams, glutes)

Squat push press x8 (mostly shoulders but also quads, hams, glutes,)

Deadlift x8 (Lower back, hams, glutes (traps when weight is heavier)… depends on the form you use)

with a 60 second rest in between each set

If you want a quick look at the full circuit on YouTube then click on the image below, take note of how long the set takes and this will give you an idea of a target to aim for.

I’ll finish by wishing good luck to anyone that decides to take on any of these challenges, remember that for all round fitness these are the kind of workouts that will give you the results.

If you want to go a step further then try coming up with your own workout based on those above, all you need to do is come up with a good mix of weight, cardio and aerobic exercises, add a bit of commitment and the results will naturally follow.

If you are unsure how to do a specific exercise then please feel free to contact me through the site and I’ll send you a link that will explain the moves.

Train Hard, Train Safe.




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