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Whey....No Whey

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The item below was written by Mark Price, I'm sure some of you will know of Mark. But for those that don't, Mark works as a Driver at the Leeds Mail Centre & is both a member of the Gym & sits on the Gym committee that oversees the smooth running of the Fitness Centre.
Mark can often be found in the Gym, if he's not training. He will be checking the Gym is clean, tidy & a safe environment for all the members to train in.
Mark invests a great deal of his own time to improving the gym, by installing new equipment, answering members concerns, complaints & so much more.
In fact I am sure Emma (his other/better half) has suggested he just move his bed into the gym.

Mark has now also laid down a challenge to other gym members; with the excellent piece he has written for the website
So can you match or better his work by submitting your own item for inclusion on the website?
It doesn't have to be a work of Shakespeare, we will make sure the spelling & layout are ok 
Can be on any subject to do with health & fitness or maybe a sport or hobby you take part in
Just drop us a message if you want more info on how to submit your work.

WHEY?........NO WHEY?

Hi Guys Mark Price here
I was asked to do an article for the news letter. I know I can waffle on so I will try to put something on once a month only... covering different topics, This month being Protein shakes and all the rest of potions that are available today, When it comes to supplements I tend to be with the minority in and around the training scene as it is my personal....and Emma’s (her in doors) beliefs that if you are eating the right food for the right reason at the right time then there shouldn't be much need for vast amounts of supplements.........Well that's probably put the cat amongst the pigeons!

Let me give you an insight into my views. I am the world’s tightest person .hence paying £1.50 a week to use the Gym and not £56 at other Gyms! Yes I know they have other great facilities Swimming pool, Sauna etc but her in doors is a member so I can get a day pass for a fiver...told ya I was tight. This is my point sometimes the different (good food) your body needs can be found without all the expense. You just have to look in the right places .more luck than judgement sometimes I admit.

 I have a few cards up my sleeve that help me with my diet and let’s not get confused here .I'm talking about body fuels and not strictly weight loss. Anyone who knows me knows I can trough it with the best of them! I have Porridge (Asda’s own oats) with whole dried fruits every morning after my run or first thing as this gives me slow burning fuel after the run and to take me to lunch. I substitute veg oil for olive oil. keeps me young looking..not! Olive oil is good fat. veg is bad very bad and is hidden in lots of food. I substitute sugar for none at all as saccharin only lights my sweet tooth fire! Skimmed instead of semi milk if nothing else winds her in doors up when she makes a brew! ha, lastly my good Friend Boots fish oil £11.99 for 180 capsules. I take three every morning or first thing. Goes against what I've said? To eat the equivalent in fish would contain far too much mercury. The extra dosage keeps me supple but above all else I get minimal joint ache the following day after even a beasting of a training day. Now for the balance factor

 I try to eat very healthy. Emma not so much. She buys choc ice cream .I eat it! Good on my bulking weeks, she buys pasta and high protein high carb foods and ...I eat it! Helps me sleep. She takes me to fine dining (Stansfeild arms) and i get to eat red meats or fancy fish as we eat a lot of chicken at home..
On my bulking week I'm fortunate to train with a fellow gym member. We push it to our max, we both lift heavy, both have a fair physique only he uses supplements and I don't. If you look and research enough and let’s face it whole foods are just hidden bad stuff and most foods have values written on the sides to avoid sweeteners and veg or saturated fats. The Gym sell supplements at a very reasonable price and is the place to get them from if you so desire but as for me........No Whey!
Until next month thanks for reading
Train Hard, train safe and smile! Mark P.


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