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This is a new page that we are adding to the site, one of the best places to find information, tips, links and news is from blogs, from the people that are out there doing the training, taking part in the races and living the life day in day out. Each month we will add more blogs to the site that we have been reading ourselves or have been recommended to us by members for you to read and follow if you like the content. The blogs will cover all aspects of training,fitness, nutrition and there are even some covering Martial Arts as the fitness required to take part in things such as MMA, Boxing, BJJ, Thai Boxing and many others is second to none and many training tips and advice can be sought in this area. To start off there are 4 blogs in each category but each month we'll add more, if there is another category you would like to see added or a blog that you follow that you would like to share with others then please e-mail it through to me via the contacts page and it will be added at the next monthly update. Thanks, Enjoy reading and learning and always train safe. Gary.


General all round fitness blogs


Running blogs

www.fell runners Assc


Strength & Weight training blogs


Nutrition, Health & Weight loss blogs


Martial Arts blogs


Gym Members Reports

Mark Jones Scuba Diving report pt1

Mark Jones Scuba Diving report pt2

Mark Price Whey, No Whey report

Mark Price Whey, Weight Loss, Why Rush? report

John Bucktrout's Leeds Triathlon Report



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