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We have a list of events taking place locally. With links to online entry.Why not join us? If we can get enough intrest we could take part as a team. EVENTS

I would just like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to the members; my name is Gaz Douglas, I can be found in the gym most days, usually during early afternoon and would be pleased to meet any of members to discuss any ideas, thoughts or suggestions for the website, we are always looking for members to write pieces for the site about training, fitness, diet or anything else that could be of interest to other gym users, as you may have seen on the site some of our members, Mark Price, Mark Jones John Bucktrout and our very own gym manager Kelly Dixon are writing items on a regular basis and we are also looking forward to more pieces from other members in the future. I myself would also like to share my training plans & routines with fellow members, these are things that I have learnt and picked up through years of training in the gym, training in martial arts and countless hours trawling through the internet, studying books and reading regularly about the latest ideas and training plans of the professionals and then trying them out. If you find them useful that is great. Maybe you can adapt them to better suit your needs. Likewise as I said if any member has any training routines they would like to share just drop us an email & we will put them on the website.
If any member needs any specialist advice then we advise you to speak to Kelly Dixon the fitness centre manager who is well qualified to offer assistance to all the members. The website also includes an Ask Kelly page where you can post questions to Kelly. You can e-mail totally anonymously on anything to do with fitness, Diet, training etc.
Here are the links to the items available at present. Many more will be put on the website in the near future. So watch this space.



Please ensure you read the website policy page, prior to undertaking any of these activities.

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