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Latest message from Mark Price


 Hi All,

With a new year comes new changes! First class fitness always try to give the best value for money bar none!

Committee update; We are currently looking for two more volunteers to join our team. We would like to hear from anyone interested and encourage applications from processing.
Equipment update; We are extending the cross over machine which will enable us to fit a massive dual pull up rig which means full use of the rings, benefiting the taller member. An Ab/dip station is due to arrive soon,kettle bells .....up to 32kg !! mention but a few items .,.,.,.. ;)

Classes update; We are looking to host seminars ... With a minimum charge, this encourages the members that are genuinely interested! These will be hosted at first class fitness by professionals in different fields.Any member with areas they would like covering should go to our Facebook page or see contact link and let us know.

Finally....Congratulations and thanks to John Sanderson for naming the gym First class fitness in a competition admittedly some time ago! He won a tub of protein ;)

Happy training Guys, Mark.


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