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Fitness Centre Newsletter July 2010


I would just like to start this latest update by sending our best wishes and congratulating our Gym Manager Kelly on the birth of her new baby Girl, even just before and then after the birth Kelly still insisted on keeping up to date with the running of the gym, answering e-mails and getting back into the office on occasion and is now looking forward to getting back into training asap, showing real commitment to the members and the gym.

As members will be aware the gym is in the process of going through a revamp with a redecoration and some new equipment.
The committee has always tried to have a forward approach for the members, trying to keep up with and acquiring the latest equipment available, with the new Cable Cross-over machine being our latest purchase and the other new pieces of equipment that have been purchased for the gym recently we hope the members are starting to reap the benefits and can see that the committee is listening to the requests made by the members and are acting, when and where possible, in their best interests.
Obviously not everything can happen instantly and sometimes although it may seem as though not much is happening, in the background we will be following up your requests and doing our utmost to maintain the quality that you are coming to expect of the committee that is in place to work in your best interests.

With Kelly putting up weekly workouts and regular new challenges there is plenty to keep the membership busy; quite a few members have really taken tothe 300 workout that although has been around since the release of the film in 2007 and was originally put together for the cast to form the amazing physiques that you see on screen, when combined with a sensible healthy diet these type of workouts hit the whole body and can be draining mentally as well as physically but can  produce astounding results.

There will be plenty more similar workouts to come in the future, some of which you can find on other pages on this site such as the very physically demanding (speaking from experience)  Beowulf workout, again a workout derived from the film of the same name to get the cast into shape or the excellent Britfit challenge which is an annual event that can be found in the pages of the highly recommended Men’s Health magazine , and for the short sharp workout hit there is the Randy Couture MMA workout.
So please feel free to take a look around the site, take advantage of the many links and downloads available and hopefully make use of any information that you find.
Train Hard, Train Safe.

and finally....

I would just like to pass on My thanks to every single person that sponsored both Myself and Mark Price in our efforts to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support.
On Saturday 5th of June we both took part in a gym pentathlon, choosing any 5 from this list of events;
10km Bike (Gary & Mark)
10km Treadmill (Mark)
10km Rower (Gary & Mark)
10km Cross trainer (Gary)
Climb Empire State Building on Versa Climber (Gary & Mark)
Climb Empire State Building on Stepper (Gary & Mark)
We started at about 10am and took approx. 2 hours and 40 minutes to finish with minimum stops in between each event for a stretch, both of us burning a few thousand calories and losing about 3 pounds in weight.
Although extremely exhausting it was a very enjoyable day with the adrenalin and Chris Squires supporting us and keeping us going with his enthusiasm, we have already decided to repeat the charity raising day next year with another gym pentathlon and will possibly make this an annual event.
We are hoping to get more people involved next year by taking part and completing a pentathlon or a triathlon or a single event.
This year between just the two of us with the support and help of all our sponsors we have managed to raise £861.50 for Macmillan Cancer Support and I’m sure with the help of others we can raise a lot more next year, if anyone would like further info on this event please get in touch with me either through the website or in the gym and I will be posting more info as the next event nears.


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