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Fitness Centre Newsletter Aug 2009

Thursday 27th August 2009


At the time of writing this newsletter I can report to the members that the shower area and changing rooms are due for a deep steam clean which hopefully should give us a spotless shower and changing area to use.

At the moment committee members Mel Martin & Katie Goodwin are in the process of acquiring new curtains and floor mats to replace the old ones.
Recently the gym had a Health & Safety inspection and generally the outcome wasn’t too bad but I must remind all members that Health& Safety is an issue that concerns all of us.

Please remember that if you use any items in the gym then please replace them where they should go, you know about the equipment that you are using and where it is, the person following you doesn’t, this could cause a trip or slip hazard, please be aware of this.
Anyone using the plates for weight training, could you please replace them on the racks after use, this is most important for the Smith Machine and the Leg Press machine, just because you can lift all the plates doesn’t mean the person following you onto that machine can, the next person that wants to use the machine could injure themselves lifting the heavier weight plates, please be considerate to other gym users.

It has been noticed that the fire door in the gym is being used as an entrance/exit from the gym, this is against all Health & Safety rules and must cease immediately, a breakable strap is going to be placed over the door handles to prevent use unless in the case of a fire.
Do not let people into the gym if they knock on the door, this is one way of making sure non paying members do not use the equipment that members are paying for, do not use this exit if you are going for a run outside; always use one of the main doors in or out of the building, always swipe into the gym, anyone caught using the fire door to get in or out of the gym could ultimately face expulsion and have there membership revoked.

You have been warned.

I can now report that the issue of Air conditioning is now in hand and hopefully should be sorted out very soon, the committee are aware of the temperatures recently and are taking steps to solve the problem, now that we have brought the Health and Safety Reps into the equation we are making more headway and as soon as we have any news you will hear about it on here.

Can everyone be aware that you MUST sign in and out every time that you use the gym or shower area, failure to do so is a breach of Health & Safety regulations, another reason that we need members to sign in every time is so that we can keep track of usage, this is to give the committee an idea of when the gym is most in use and this could effect the working times of the gym manager, it would obviously be better if we have the manager in at peak times to utilise their skills and knowledge better.

As some of you may be aware Emma Duckworth the gym manager has decided that it is time to move on, I am sure the thoughts of all the members and committee are with Emma and we would like to take this opportunity to thank her for all the work and input she has given to the gym, we wish her all the best and good luck with the future.

At the time of writing this newsletter I can confirm that the committee are in the process of looking through the C.V.s of possible candidates to take over and interviews will begin shortly.

I will update this newsletter on a regular basis so keep calling back to keep up with the latest news from the gym.

Train Hard, Train Safe,



Newsletter is Written & edited by G. Douglas.

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