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Fitness Centre Newsletter Oct 2009



Well here we are into another month and a few things have come up regarding the gym since the last newsletter. Unfortunately it appears that we have a thief in our midst, as requested recently by a member, the committee bought some “perfect press-ups”, but it seems that someone took too much of a liking to them and decided to liberate them from the gym to their home, such a shame that we have people like this amongst us spoiling it for everyone else, if anyone has any information about the theft please contact Kelly (gym manager) or speak to any of the committee members in complete confidence, or if the person that borrowed them reads this they could just replace them in the gym and no-one will be any the wiser. It is now possible that the smaller items may be locked away in future and have to be signed out when Kelly is in the office, a big disappointment as this is a major disadvantage to the night shift who are in the gym when Kelly is not on duty.

And now an even more important issue, it’s a pity that I have to report that there was an accident in the gym recently, resulting in a possible broken wrist and other injuries, luckily there were other members in at the time and first aiders were quickly on the scene and an ambulance was called. This has now triggered a Health & Safety investigation and inspection, the member involved had allegedly not signed in on the night of the accident or on previous occasions, this is to be investigated, this accident goes to reinforce the points that members should not train in the gym without another member present in case of an accident and must always sign in and out. Not only must members sign in to cover themselves for injury or accident (Not signed in = no claim), but also if there is a fire or fire drill a manager needs to be able to check the signing in sheets to make sure everyone is accounted for and no-one is put at risk coming to search for someone. Ultimately if the Health and Safety investigation/inspection finds faults and shortcomings in the running and use of the gym then there is a possibility that it may be closed down until any recommendations are completed.

Now to other news, a recent purchase by the committee has been a Versaclimber, any members that have already used the machine will I’m sure be able to report on it’s excellent workout value, the all over body and cardio workout from this machine is second to none and is a must for any member to add to their routine, unlike the treadmills it is a zero impact machine on the knees and hips and compared to all the other machines the workout is core, upper and lower body together, also proven to burn more calories than any other piece of equipment. With 6 targets to climb ranging from the Washington monument at 555 feet (169 Mtrs) or the Eiffel tower at 984 feet (300 Mtrs) through to the ultimate, Mount Olympus at 9730 feet (2966 Mtrs), i can say that I’ve tried the first 3, as have quite a few members and I’m working up to the next (not recommended going straight for the big ones), but please don’t take my word for it, give it a try because it is the ultimate workout you can get on a machine and should prove very popular.

At the last committee meeting it was decided to look into the possibility of buying a punch bag, focus mitts and gloves to add an extra dimension to training in the gym, anyone that has done any bag, mitt or boxing workouts will know just how much energy it takes, how many calories it burns and much it adds to general all round fitness, as soon as these items are in place I would definitely ask members to have a go and reap the benefits.

Remember that if there is any piece of equipment that you think would benefit the gym or anything else that you would like to see incorporated into training just let Kelly or the committee know either via e-mail through this site or speak to them at work. I have spoken to a few members recently that have agreed to add to the site in the future by writing a piece on training, this is an open offer to anyone that feels that they have advice, tips, thoughts or recommended sites on any aspect related to the gym or training in general, it can be about something specific to yourself such as an outside sporting interest or website that you visit or a workout or race that you recently completed, just write it up and e-mail it to me or see me at work with it and I’ll put it on the site. To give members an idea of some things they could write about this month there will be a blog page added to the site, this will contain links to blogs on training topics that either I have visited and read myself or have been recommended to me. Also the next 3 download/e-books are now available to either read on-line or print off.

Anyone with any news or info to pass on to the members just let me know via e-mail and I'll place it on the site. Don’t forget, it’s your gym, you pay for it, let’s hear what you want.

Also we have now started to make available Free pdf Training advice documents for you to read online or download to your own computer.Get the here.

 Free Training Documents


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