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Fitness Centre Newsletter Sept 2009

As of Tuesday 8th September this is the latest news from the gym that I’m able to give you.

A lot of you will now be aware that we have a new gym manager, Kelly Dixon has taken over from Emma and is very much looking forward to getting involved and meeting with the members as soon as she gets settled in, Kelly has her own page on the site (Kelly’s corner) and can also be contacted via e-mail through the site.

New equipment; some pieces of new equipment that had been requested by members were ordered in August, a new piece of equipment in the form of the Perfect Push-up has arrived, the perfect push-ups have handles that rotate to allow your arms to rotate naturally as you perform a push-up, this should reduce joint strain on wrists and elbows and should enable more members to take part in a push-up programme.
A replacement Ab Cradle was also ordered in August and we are still waiting on delivery of this item, although I would recommend members to try sit-ups and crunches and the many other body weight Ab exercises available without the use of an Ab Cradle, as the cradle can make users lazy and you can get into a habit of just rolling with momentum and bringing into use the Hip Flexors instead of working the Abs.

The committee has agreed to replace one of the steppers with a
Versaclimber, for anyone unsure about these machines here is a link so you can have a look,the stepper that it will be replacing is now going to be auctioned off (bids starting from £60) and will be a bargain for the winning bidder,well maintained and a top quality piece of machinery. Get your bids in to Committee member Mark Price (Distribution) now. at the moment I’m not sure of the
details of the delivery date but as soon as I have any info I’ll pass
it on.

Members will have noticed that the cleaning of the shower areas have taken place and the committee have now come to agreement with the cleaning staff to have this now done on a weekly basis,this will take place on Sat so as to inconvenience as few members as possible,
the shower curtains have also been changed in the men’s shower area to give an all round cleaner and fresher appeal.
Anyone with any news or info to pass on to the members just let me know via e-mail and I'll place it on the site.
Don’t forget, it’s your gym, you pay for it, let’s hear what you want. We now have a brand new Online feedback, Comment page available for you to complete. Please take the time to visit & Register.  Feedback Page   Also we have now started to make available Free pdf Training advice documents for you to read online or download to your own computer.Get the here.   Free Training Documents   We are trying to put together items of interest aimed especially at our Female visitors & Gym members. A few pages are already on the site, But we need more. Who better to provide this information than you Ladies yourself. You know the problems you encounter during your training & keep-fit routines. So help us make & keep this website interesting to all.

Train safe,





Newsletter is Written & edited by G. Douglas.


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